• DIAMOND AGE – Tunes about a Girl

  • Things are heating up around here figuratively speaking.  Lots going on.
    First things first.  As we’ve come to expect, Matt’s new mix is the jam.  A little reminiscent of his Catacombs Mix .  The quality that stands out for me the most when listening to this mix is how transportive it is.  It feels like something larger is at hand.

    I sent out a big year-end email to a lot of folks a few weeks ago.  It was nice to meditate a little bit about 2009 since it was such a unusual year for me.  It was great to hear back from friends and catch up on the latest. My buddy John sent me a reply and happened to mention a few links that I sent his way.  I thought I might take a second to include a few of those links in this post as well as a few others that caught my attention.  Websites are good like that.

    I like this youtube video not only for its action, but also its arc as a short film.  I love the initial ambiguity and the move towards clarity.
    This is an old music video, but it still makes me laugh.
    This also makes me laugh.
    Here are links to two of my favorite short fiction stories from the New Yorker’s podcasts series.  One is by Tobias Wolff and the other is by Denis Johnson.  I really love this Podcasts by the way.  Highly recommended.
    On a more serious note, my friend Azita posted this on Facebook.  I think it’s an important piece of journalism. It’s from Salon.com and definitely worth a read.

    The new version of this website is just around the corner.  Please point your browser back this direction on January 21, 2010 to see what my good friend Mike Perrone has put together.  I think some really good things are in store.

    I’ve got a DJ gig coming up this Thursday at Zebulon.  My roommate Bob Jones is going to play live as well so it should be a really nice evening. It’d be spectacular to see you out.  I made a little video to pimp the gig from some footage I shot at the Mori Museum this fall in Tokyo.

    Get the Flash Player to see this video.

    Diamond Age – Tunes about a Girl:

    1. Armando Sciascia – Occhi Nella Notte
    2. Ennio Morricone – Ninna Nanna per Adulti
    3. Broadcast and The Focus Group – Ritual/Looking In
    4. Armando Sciascia – Circuito Chiuso
    5. The Visitors – Visitors
    6. M. Ashraf feat Nahid Akhtar – Good News For You
    7. Adriano Celentano – Prisencolinensinainciusol
    8. Puccio Roelens – Caravan
    9. Stelvio Cipriani – The Killer Whales’ Games
    10. Caetano Veloso – O Leaozinho
    11. Paulo Bagunça e a Tropa Maldita – Olhos Risonhos
    12. Ennio Morricone – Scusi,Facciamo l’Amore? (From Bed to Worse)
    13. Donovan – Sunshine Superman (Full Version)
    14. Françoise Hardy – Voilà
    15. Piero Umiliani – La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna
    16. Armando Sciascia – Assonanza in Me
    17. The Zombies – Conversation off Floral Street
    18. Little Beaver – Party Down pt. 1
    19. Little Beaver – Party Down pt. 2
    20. Piero Piccioni – The Rendezvous (Take 3)
    21. Bruno Nicolai – Psycho-Meeting

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