• The Diamond Age – Head Always in the Clouds

  • Riding on the train on my way to the Dream House to meet up with Lil Hermano. Listening to this here The Diamond Age mix. I think he’s struck gold (again) on this one. A good mix of melodic psychedelia and kraut rock jams that all feel very alive and relevant. I didn’t know I was waiting for these sounds, but suddenly here they are.

    I’ve been meditating a little lately on what role music functions in my life. Splitting my time between the harsh realities of what it takes to make a living through music and the dream of immersion. I haven’t been able to find steady work since I got to NYC so I’ve sort of turned to music out of necessity and/or morbid curiosity. The nightmare of booking and record distribution alone are enough to crush even the most optimistic soul, yet here I am wading through it all. I guess at the end of the day, there’s something sort of sacred and essential there.

    I have lots of Lobisomem related good news:
    A few cool Lobisomem remixes have made their debut this week. Please check ’em out.
    DJ /rupture & Chief Boima:
    Clive Tanaka:

    Some other great remixes also on their way.

    I’ve been running around to record stores in NYC seeing if they’ll carry my new Lobisomem record. For the most part it’s been a positive experience. It’s really nice when stores will just buy the records outright. I will however admit to being really disappointed with a couple of my favorite record stores: Other Music and Turntable Lab. They seem to be so apprehensive to support emerging artists. I guess that’s a sign of the times. Bird & Whale gives away free music after all.
    But yeah, I would strongly encourage you to keep the dream alive and support the following record stores (and emerging artists) where you should be able to find my new record, Onze Pedras:

    Kim’s Video & Music
    Academy LPs
    Good Records

    Academy Record Annex

    Reckless Records (Milwaukee Ave.)
    Laurie’s Planet of Sound

    Good Records

    End of an Ear

    Lawrence, KS:
    Love Garden Sounds

    Electric Fetus

    Tilburg, Netherlands:
    Antenne Recordshop

    If you know any other record stores that might be into stocking my tunes, please let me know. Likewise, if you visit any of these stores and they don’t have my record in stock please let me know.

    Happy to report I’m going to be playing a solo Lobisomem show at the Beauty Bar in Chicago on Tuesday, October 14, 2010. (That show fell through. Waiting to hear about something else.) Super excited to share some new material with all my Chicago friends. I feel like my live show has come along way in the last year (lots of time spent thinking about how to make laptop jams come alive), so yeah it should be fun.
    Also I’m going to be playing another solo show at Zebulon with Jason Ajemian’s Highlife and Woody Sullender on Tuesday, October 19, 2010. Should be a great night of music. The Highlife put on one of the better shows I’ve seen in while. Mercurial Appalachian jazz compositions that seem to fold space. I have never seen Woody Sullender live but his recordings are sublime, and I have no doubt he will offer more of the same in person.

    Head Always in the Clouds

    SIDE A – 08.09.10
    01. The Persuaders – John Barry
    02. Anticope – M. Takara
    03. The Age of Self – Robert Wyatt
    04. Feather – Little Dragon
    05. Tempo Nublado – Rita Lee
    06. in here the world begins – Broadcast
    07. Requiem pour un con – Serge Gainsbourg
    08. Rainbow Man – Busy P
    09. Go Ahead – Wire
    10. Rubbermiro- Liquid Liquid
    11. Long Lost Lover – The Lovejoys

    SIDE B – 09.08.10
    01. Hotel (intro) – 10cc
    02. Do The Du (casse) – A Certain Ratio
    03. sal – M. Takara
    04. El Lobo – Wganda Kenya
    05. Lowrey Dub – Tapes
    06. Sur Le Theme De Bene Gesserit III – Richard Pinhas
    07. Game And Performance – Deux
    08. (whoops) Good Life (excerpt) – Neu!
    09. Timbilli / Arap Saçi – Erkin Koray
    10. Eddie’s Rubber Band – Eddie Bo
    11. Guide Us Father – General Trees
    12. Haffi Rock – Mungo’s Hi-Fi
    13. LazyBeat – Lukid
    14. Swim – Billy Green
    15. Two Cocks – Lower Dens
    16. Cheree – Suicide

    By the way, Bird & Whale gets a ton of spam in the comments section which I periodically weed through to try and figure out what is real. If you have anything pressing please contact me at birdandwhale@gmail.com – not through the comments section. Thanks for listening.

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