• Kerry Lacy – Sweet Mix

  • Pretty damn stoked about posting this mix. Kerry is one of the more awesomer people I’ve met since moving to NYC two years ago. In addition to being an all around solid friend, she has also turned me on to so much nice music; I’m really delighted to be able to host some of her selections here.

    In other news, I recently finished up the LP artwork for the Jah Youssouf and Bintou Coulibaly release, Sababou. (Recordings I made in Mali a few years ago). Getting the artwork squared away means those recordings are one huge step closer to making it out into the world. Coming out on Tall Corn Music. Please keep an eye out.

    I’m continuing my Monday night DJ residency at Zebulon through July. It’d be rad to have you drop by. I start any time between 9 and midnight depending on what else is scheduled for the evening. I could use a hand getting some people out so please spread the word.

    Kinda cool that John McEntire’s mix from three years ago popped up on Altered Zones recently. Thanks to Emilie for linking back to Bird & Whale and M. Leer for noticing it in the first place. I guess its time to ask McEntire if he has any interest in making another mix.

    Kerry Lacy’s Sweet Mix

    Jaume Sisa – Carrer
    John Cale – My Maria
    David Bowie – Up The Hill Backwards
    Sun City Girls – Space Prophet Dogon
    Chrisma – Mandoia
    Tones on Tail – Twist
    Michael Rother – Silberstreif
    Brian Eno & John Cale – Lay My Love
    Margueritas – Margeherita (Hot Edit)
    Witch – Strange Dream
    Del Shannon – Runaway
    Brian Eno – Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
    Roberto Cacciapaglia – My Time
    Q65 – I Was Young
    The Mekons – After 6
    John’s Children – Smashed Blocked (Studio Version)
    A. More – Ready Ready_Useless Moments
    Nugrape Twins – There’s a City Built of Mansions


    I’m in love with Kerry Lacy. In a sisterly way, but also just in love.

    Go Kerry!! Go Kerry!!! Go Kerry!!!!

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