Josh Abrams
Josh has a huge musical resume. He plays bass (amongst other instruments) with so many gifted individuals across so many musical arenas that’s it’s hard to know where to begin. His mix here on Bird and Whale is made up of mostly South American jams, but I’ve been to many a party where Josh kept people moving with a cross section of Hip-Hop, Soul, and Funk. Josh is based in Chicago, IL.
Kim Ambriz (aka Miss Frowny)
Kim’s got awesome taste. She’s a DJ, dog owner, teacher, printmaker, bartender. She has a band called Yearling. She resides in Chicago, IL.
Jon Besch (aka Jon Bless)
Jon’s got mad skills. Lots of Reggae and Hip-Hop. Splits his time between Brooklyn, NY and Rio de Janerio, Brazil. I should ask him to make another mix.
Dan Bitney
Dan is one of my favorites. Pretty much every time he’s in the room, I’m happy. He plays in Tortoise and lives in Chicago, IL.
Jocelyn Brown (aka Clerical Error)
Rock solid pillar of every music circle she touches. Has a lot of Soul and Funk records, but digs Electronic shit as well. Likes a fair amount of Rock and Experimental music to boot. Worked for a host of different labels, radio stations and what not. Lives in Chicago, IL.
Ken Brown (aka Bundini Brown/Bundy K. Brown)
Black belt. Currently resides in Louisville, KY. Ken’s been collecting music for ages. Playing and engineering for just about as long. Used to play in Directions in Music, Tortoise, Pullman. His musical scope is broad. Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Electronic, etc. etc. etc.
Dante Carfagna
One of the heavy weights. His mix on Bird & Whale is old American roots music, but he’s known for his R&B, soul and funk omniscience. Lives in Chicago, IL.
Pete Croke
Pete is another Chicago musician in a bunch of different bands. He plays the bass and loves metal as much as he does reggae. While you try to figure that one out… he probably joined 2 other bands and finally took up the piano like he says he’s been meaning to after all these years. He also builds websites to pay his bills.
Greg Dalphond (aka g-regular)
Greg’s been at this shit for ages. His interests include “inhaling oxygen, ingesting food & water, discovering alternate neurological planes of observation,” and Hip-Hop. Lives in Chicago, IL.
Paul Duncan
Musician. Word-smith. Calls Brooklyn, NY home. Used to make very pretty cinematic folk music, but recently started making distinctive electronic jams. It’ll be fun to follow his trajectory.
Guilherme Granado
Plays tunes under the name Bodes & Elefantes. Also plays music with a host of other projects such as São Paulo Underground, and Hurtmold as well touring lately with Prefuse 73. Lives in São Paulo, Brazil.
John Herndon (aka A Grape Dope)
John’s one of my favorite drummers on planet Earth. Plays in Tortoise and a host of other projects. Traverses all sorts of musical ground in his mixes and his playing. Lives in Chicago, IL.
Daniel Huffman (aka New Fumes/Frogboy)
Currently resides in Dallas, TX. Current musical endeavors include New Fumes, Frogboy & Ghostcar. Used to play in Comet which was good. Lately Daniel has been diving deep into obscure electronic music – probably inspired by his interest in Laptop Death Matches.
Rich Hush (aka Lil Hermano/Pepper Jack/Butchy Boy)
Living in Lawrence, KS. He likes music also.
Roberto Carlos Lange (aka Helado Negro/Epstein)
Roberto has a big ass afro. He’s a chill dude and painfully talented. Roberto is based in Brooklyn, NY these days. In addition to the Helado Negro and Epstein jams he’s also plays with Savath + Savalas. Digs Soul, Hip-Hop, and South American joints.
Matt Leer (aka The Diamond Age)
Currently resides in Dallas, TX. Plays music and DJs under the moniker The Daimond Age. He used to play in a band called Mandarin that I liked quite a bit. Gets prize for best artwork for mixes. His mixes cover a lot of terrain but some common themes are Krautrock, Reggae, Movie Soundtracks, Soul.
Damon Locks
Polyglot. Musician. Poet. Artist. 1/3 of The Eternals. Sings in The Exploding Star Orchestra. His mixes run the gamut. Infuses old Jazz and Soundtracks with the freshest things around. Lives in Chicago, IL.
Brad Loving
Me. I listen. I write these words. I have a project called Lobisomem. It’s instrumental electronic music. I like African, South American, and Jamaican music a lot. I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY.
John McEntire
Runs Soma studios and plays in Tortoise and The Sea & Cake. Based in Chicago, IL. Good Ears. Smart Head. Metronome Vested Body.
Wayne Montana
Wayne’s a class act. Sharp mind and tongue. He’s got a wealth of exceptional Jamaican and Brazilian records but his tastes extend to Punk and Rock as well. Plays in the Eternals and I Kong Kult. Wayne lives in Chicago, IL.
Jeff Parker
Plays guitar with Tortoise and about four million other projects. Yet another suspect represented on Bird & Whale who has an encyclopedic knowledge of music. He could probably do about 800 mixes without backtracking. Based in Chicago, IL.
Mike Perrone
Mike’s the one that designed this site. Somehow manages to get it all done and have a really good time in the process. SOLID. Based in Chicago, IL.
Joe Phillips (aka DJ Joseph)
Lives in Chicago, IL. Has a band called Ceiling Stars. His mix on Bird & Whale is mostly what you could maybe call British influenced Reggae, but he listens to all sorts of stuff. He’s a good guy.
Jason Reimer
Got a good band called History at Our Disposal. Based in Dallas, TX. His mixes are a healthy melange of obscurity and awesome. Video and film mogul.
Drew Rydberg
Lives in or around San Francisco, CA. Drew’s compilation on Bird & Whale is all original music by him. Much respect. Not sure how much energy he gets to devote to music these days, but I’m pretty sure he should devote more.
Rob Sevier
One of the founders of the mighty Numero Group label. His mixes (thus far) on Bird and Whale are outstandingly obscure field recordings from all over the globe. He lives in Chicago, IL. He retains more raw data about music than anyone I’ve ever met.
Kate Simko
Kate’s so elegant and professional. She makes the rest of us look like clowns. She also makes (elegant and professional) techno. Her mix is more of the same. She lives in Chicago, IL.
Jonathan Summey (aka Sumjay/∑-j)
Based in Boston these day, SUMj is NC-born & spent over a decade in his beloved Brooklyn. He spins in his travels, continuing mischief & mixing for labels like Stones Throw, Numero, Now-Again, & others. Part of the Trammel/Lange family SUMj crate digs & brings an eclectic mix of funk, soul, afro w/ a flare of psyche, prog & out sounds.
Mauricio Takara
Currently playing drums with Hurtmold, Sao Paulo underground and with my trio M. Takara 3. Recently had the pleasure to play with a lot of people I really admire such as Joe Lally from Fugazi; Roscoe Mitchell, Bill Dixon and the Exploding Star Orquestra; Jeff Parker from Tortoise; Nana Vasconcelos; Guillermo Herren from Prefuse 73; Yusef Lateef; Pharoah Sanders and many others….
Jason Trammell (aka JayTram)
Jason’s got a whole other thing going on. He plays drums with Helado Negro and Yeasayer. His mixes are a little tough to ensnare with genres, but they sort of sound like Sesame Street on cocaine blunts. (I mean that as a compliment.) Jaytram lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Need Windham
He seems to take it all in and filter it through the circuits of that unique cerebellum of his. Played in the PreSocratics. Need lives in Seattle, WA.
Erik Westra
Erik used to work at the Empty Bottle, and put out a magazine called Ladies and Gentlemen. He has good social skills. He likes good food and Rock. He lives in Chicago, IL.
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