• Daniel Huffman – Frogboy DJ Mix

  • HaFrog Boyppy New Year! Hope 2008 is a good one for you. At the moment, I’m watching Barack Obama speak on the television after his victory in the Iowa caucuses. 2008 is starting out really well! I’m a huge Obama fan. Delighted to think what changes he may bring if he were to win the Presidency.

    I used to curate a music series here in Chicago with my buddy Raichiro Iijima at the old venue 3030. It was called Impetus Concert Series. The idea behind it was that we’d get artists to submit unreleased music and give it out on complimentary CDRs the night they would perform. It was super fun, and I was really proud of the shows we put together.

    I never really thought about there being a connection between what I’ve done on Bird & Whale and what Rai and I did with the Impetus Concert Series until recently. But, once again, I find myself trying to pull together music. Of course this time it’s on the web as opposed to an actual venue. I’m afraid there’s still a lot of bugging my friends to either produce or just come and listen. The association to Impetus seems particularly appropriate with the posting of these two mixes.[Editor’s note: I broke these two mixes into different posts with the new format but you can find Kate’s mix here.] Daniel and Kate’s mixes are very different, but it’s just the sort of juxtaposition that I adore in music. They really compliment one another well and make you more aware of how each approach the music they chose and music in general.

    Kate Simko is a super talented and prolific producer and DJ from Chicago. Delighted to have her talents represented here on the site. She travels all over world with her music. Each trip to Berlin or Santiago makes me more envious. Her DJ set is a live recording she did in Philly a few months ago. Its orbit is all electronic. To hear more of her music please visit her site https://katesimko.com/.

    Daniel Huffman (aka Frogboy) is an old friend of mine from Texas. We lived together in Denton and went to art school together back in the day. He’s the one that really opened my ears to a broader range of music, and I blame him for the total obsession that followed. It didn’t feel right to have a collection of mixes without Mr. Huffman on board so I’m really happy he was able to put together a mix. Also to give credit where it’s due and regress ever so slightly, I should also mention that the premise of the Impetus Concert Series (to give out CDRs the night of the show) was Daniel’s idea. Daniel has played in a ton of different bands over the years. You can hear his solo project, Frogboy, here.

    Frogboy – DJ Mix:

    1. sonic boom
    2. alessandro alessandroni/nora orlandi
    3. boredoms
    4. black moth super rainbow
    5. ananda shankar
    6. okko becker
    7. sonic youth
    8. aphroditie’s child
    9. matching mole
    10. faust
    11. kashmere stage band
    12. frogboy remix  the flaming lips
    13. frogboy remix kool blues
    14. jean- claude vannier
    15. bibio
    16. the avalanches
    17. ooioo

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