• Damon Locks – Zam! Mix

  • ZamI got a reply to an email I sent out a little while back from Tania Bowers saying something along the lines of ‘You should ask Damon Locks to do a mix. He makes great mixes.’ I trust Tania’s tastes and Damon plays in one of my favorite Chicago bands, The Eternals, so I followed up on Tania’s suggestion.

    Those of you who know The Eternals won’t be surprised to find out that Damon killed it — covering tons of musical ground in 26 selections. For those of you who don’t know The Eternals, you should make a point to check them out. I’m not quite sure how to try and encapsulate what they do. They pull from a lot of different influences, but do so in a really articulate and genuine way. Speaking from personal experience, it’s one thing to listen to a wide spectrum of music all day long, however it’s an entirely different deal to incorporate elements from those influences into your own music in a meaningful way. I think that’s where The Eternals offer something unique. After that process, their music somehow is totally cohesive and solid. Really cool to have Damon share some of those influences with us.

    Damon Locks – Zam Mix

    1. 鉄腕アトム – 鉄腕アトム
    2. Duke Ellington – Afrique
    3. Freda Payne – Band Of Gold
    4. Dangerdoom – Mince Meat
    5. The Fun Boy Three – Funrama 2
    6. Little Dragon – Twice
    7. Miles Davis & Gil Evans – Gone, Gone, Gone
    8. Celia Cruz – Elegua Quiere Tambo
    9. Lester Young – Evenin’
    10. Salah Ragab – Ramadan in Space Time
    11. 宮内國郎 – テーマ1(※ウルトラQテーマM-2)
    12. Louis Armstrong – Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long
    13. Kraftwerk – Antenna
    14. Lo Moda – Istanbul
    15. Dorothy Ashby – Wax And Wane
    16. Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble – New Flankphone Blues
    17. Unknown – Thai Track 02
    18. Luiz Bonfá – Manha de Carnaval (Morning of Carnaval)
    19. Prince Buster – Too Hot
    20. Jerry Goldsmith – The Trial
    21. Matano Juma – Dada
    22. The Clash – Ghetto Defendant
    23. Count Bass-D – Nina & Weldon
    24. Wu Tang Clan – windmill
    25. The Eternals – By This Time Today
    26. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Guests – Tezeta

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