• DJ Joseph – Bad Credit in Babylon

  • Bad CreditIn Joe’s own words:

    DJ Joseph blows the dust off the wax crate and presents…
    Mash Up the Speakerbox Vol 3: Bad Credit In Babylon

    Slow burning dub, roots vibrations and dancehall sensations featuring Banzai Republic, Stereotyp, 33hz, Antony Johnson, Barrington Levy, Earth & Stone, In Crowd, Peter Tosh, Al Brown, Hopeton Lewis, Lee Perry, Treasure Dub, Sugar Minott, Sister Nancy, Yami Bold, Dawn Penn, Beres Hammond and Wayne Wonder. Toasted with discretion to stimulate your recession. Click dem earbuds to eleven, give thanks and praise to heaven. Man called Bird and Whale bringing you the tings make you wanna set sail. Watch it!

    There you have it. Real cool to get a mix from the formidable DJ Joseph. We’ve been trading mix tapes for probably 15 years so it’s really cool that this tradition continues.

    Made it down to SXSW for some sunshine and reunions. It was a good time. On the music front, my favorite thing I saw was probably El Guincho. Bear in Heaven was a close second. Atlas Sound made a nice soundtrack to the incredible amount of cold medicine that I consumed.

    Also went and saw The Boredoms last night. Awe-inspiring.

    Exciting news: The Empty Bottle asked me to host a Bird and Whale Showcase at Sonotheque in May. I’ll let you all know as things solidify. Really geeked to try and put together an evening of solid music.
    DJ Joseph – Bad Credit in Babylon

    Banzai Republic – Faetter Dub
    Stereotyp – My Sound
    Stereotyp – Boss It
    33hz – Rude Sound
    Antony Johnson – Gunshot
    Barrington Levy – Poor Man’s Style
    Earth & Stone – In Time To Come
    In Crowd – His Majesty
    Peter Tosh – Can’t Fool Me Again
    Al Brown – Here I am Baby
    Hopeton Lewis – Take It Easy
    Lee Perry – Jungle Lion
    Clocktower – Heavy Metal Dub
    Treasure Dub – Our Love is Not A Toy
    Treasure Dub – Sunshine Blue Skies
    Treasure Dub – How Can A Man Be Tough
    Sugar Minott – Sound Boy
    Sister Nancy – Transport Connection
    Yami Bold – When A Man’s In Love
    Dawn Penn – No No No
    Beres Hammond – Putting Up A Resistance
    Wayne Wonder – Keep Dem Coming

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