• John McEntire – McEntire from Sonotheque

  • This is McEntire’s DJ set from the Bird and Whale Showcase on May 27th. I’m a huge fan of John’s music as well as his engineering work at Soma Studios. It was a real honor to have him to come through, and I am delighted to be able to host his mix on the website. John was also nice enough to write up a playlist, so (as always) grab the zip file if you’re interested in the artists’ info for the individual tracks.

    I’m going to do some video projections for Jeff Parker’s Trio at Rodan the next two Tuesdays since Selina Trepp is out of town. Drop in.

    John McEntire – DJ Set from Sonotheque

    cornelius – wataridori
    michael rother – karussell
    kraftwerk – tanzmusik
    the coup – five million ways to kill a CEO
    metro area – miura
    boz scaggs – low down
    the millenium – prelude
    olodum – cara preta
    horoumi hosono – hum ghar sajan
    budos band – chicago falcon
    five stairsteps – don’t change your love
    a certain ratio – do the du
    23 skidoo – vegas el bandito
    miles davis – mayisha
    this heat – rimp romp ramp
    esplendor geometrico – trans umma
    jean michel jarre – equinoxe part 5
    cluster – caramel
    pink floyd – astronomy domine
    manuel gottsching – e2 e4

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