• – Bird & Whale Showcase #3

  • This is big. real big.

    Bird & Whale Showcase #3 on September 9th, 2008 @ Sonotheque.


    DJ sets by:
    Rob Sevier 9:30 – 11:00 https://www.numerogroup.com

    Supreme Court 11:00 – 12:30
    DJ Soulpusher 12:30 – 2:00 https://voodoofunk.blogspot.com

    Visuals by Matt Shadis

    DJ Soulpusher is headlining the evening. He has spent the last three years in Western Africa collecting seventies African Funk records. He has documented his experiences and musical finds on his exceptional website https://voodoofunk.blogspot.com. His website exhibits a scholarship and devotion to this music that is really inspiring. One brief listen to any of the 20+ mixes posted on his website, and it’s immediately apparent how unique and spectacular his musical journey was. I am a huge fan of this era of African music, and I really believe it’s some of the most infectious music ever recorded. I’m delighted that DJ Soulpusher has offered to share some of his incredible collection with us in Chicago.

    To hold up the Chicago end of the equation, I’ve asked two good friends and exceptional DJs to share the evening: Sumpreme Court and Rob Sevier. Supreme Court hosts a ridiculously popular soul night on the first Wednesday of the month at Danny’s. It’s probably the most consistently solid dance party in the city. Rob Sevier is one of the founders of Numero Group (https://www.numerogroup.com). For those who aren’t familiar, The Numero Group is one of Chicago’s best labels and is run by true “record obsessives”. They search tirelessly for lost sounds and reissue them with exquisitely detailed packaging. They primarily focus on soul and international rarities that otherwise would remain unearthed and unheard.

    No Cover

    1444 W Chicago Ave
    Chicago, IL 60622
    Phone: (312) 226-7600


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