• Josh Abrams – Eu Sei

  • Happy New Year friends! Hope your holidays were spent relaxing among family and friends. Also hope that 2009 is a happy and healthy year for you.

    Have a mix for you from the decks of Joshua Abrams. Without having done the math, I’d say it’s about 95% Brazilian music. Many of the tracks have their origins (if not their outright creation) in Northern Brazil where the Brazil’s African roots are most exposed.

    I often attempt to write up a little biography for the contributors to Bird & Whale to give some context for the selections of the DJs. Of all the DJs represented on Bird & Whale, Josh’s musical career is definitely one of the most difficult to encapsulate. He’s a constant in the Improvised/Jazz scene around Chicago, but he performs internationally frequently as well. In addition to Jazz, his own musical output also encompasses Hip Hop, Electronic music, Minimalism, Rock, etc. It’s a exercise in futility to try and pull Josh’s musical scope under those genre umbrellas that one tends to resort to when trying to describe music. Suffice to say I am delighted to have him represented on Bird & Whale and hope you enjoy his picks.

    So my big news is I was invited to do a guest DJ spot on WBEZ’s Radio M hosted by Tony Sarabia. I’m so excited! I’ve never deejayed on the radio, so please wish me luck. Radio M is an international music program that “explores world cultures and people through music and sounds”. For those of you who don’t live in Chicago you can listen via the internet at https://www.chicagopublicradio.org/ and click the big “Listen Now” button at the top of the page. It’s going to be on January 23rd at 9pm CST. I’d really be honored if you listened in.

    Josh Abrams – Eu Sei

    Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – The Warm Up
    Music of the Upper Xingu – Taquara Clarinets
    Banda dos Pifanos de Caruaru – Esquenta Mulher
    Beija-Flor e Treme-Terra – Repente Alagoano
    Luiz Gonzaga – Baiao da Garoa
    Jackson Do Pandeiro – Sebastiana
    Hermeto Pascoal – Bebe
    Gilberto Gil – Pe da Roseira
    O Terco – Adormeceu
    Gal Costa – De um Role
    Lo Borges – Homen da Rua
    Tamba – Reflexes
    Cordao de Ouro – iuna
    Maria Ingold – Ni Una Brisa
    Justi Barrotas y Sus Santeros – Ergun
    Renato e Seus Blue Caps – Menina Feia
    Quinteto Violado – Asa Branca

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