• Rob Sevier – Danzas Y Cantos

  • Danzas Y CantosRob is one of the founders of the astounding label Numero Group. This is the second mix he’s put together for Bird & Whale. It seeps into similar cracks as his previous mix. A lot of the music falls into what might be considered “field recordings”, but Rob’s treatment of them makes them feel more personal somehow. He is so fluent when it comes to the various histories of the music involved, that he’s able to draw distinct new musical constellations.

    Rob Sevier – Danzas Y Cantos

    1. Vol. 8 Thailande (Playa Sound)
    2. Macedonia Folk Dances Vol. 3 (Folkraft)
    3. Music of the Himalayas (Argo)
    4. The Peuls (UNESCO Musical Atlas)
    5. Rara in Haiti/Gaga in the Dominican Republic (Ethnic Folkways)
    6. Gendang Karo: Nordsumatra (Museum Collection)
    7. Xingu EP (Philips)
    8. Music of the Soviet Union (Smithsonian Folkways)
    9. Peru: Music from the Land of Machu Picchu (Lyrichord)
    10. Chicha Maya (Sonido Laffer)
    11. Paiter Merewa (Memoria Discos)
    12. Inde Nagaland (Inedit)
    13. Ethiopie: Polyphonies des Dorze (CNRS)
    14. Hekura: Yanomamo Shamanism from Southern Venezuela (Quartz)
    15. Mongolie (Ocora)
    16. Music of Guatemala: San Lucas Band (ABC Command)
    17. Songs of Thessaly 1 (SDNM)
    18. Music of the Ghawazee (Discs Araf)
    19. Musik der Pontos-Griechen: Nordgriechenland (Museum Collection)
    20. Kulintang and Kudyapiq (UP College of Music)
    21. Carnaval in Cuba (Ethnic Folkways)
    22. Danzas y Cantos Afrovenezolanos
    23. Instrumental Music from the Bahamas Islands (Ethnic Folkways)
    24. Greek Folk Music Vol. 2
    25. Matachines Tarahumaras (Canyon)
    26. Yugoslav Folk Music (Lyrichord)
    27. Music of the Tukano and Cuna Peoples of Colombia (BIRS)
    28. Chimbu Music Kukane Traditions (IPNGS)
    29. I’m On My Journey Home (New World)
    30. Chants & Danses Afrique (Le Chant du Monde)


    Liked the blog, I;’m a fan of dubstep. I run my own dubstep distribution blog. s5

    Hi Rob – Do you own this LP? Hekura: Yanomamo Shamanism from Southern Venezuela (Quartz) I was trying to get the liner notes from it. Any chance you might be able to scan them and email to me?

    It would be much appreciated. Best wishes,

    Brian BLunger@yahoo.com

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