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    Some Texas jams from my mentor and college roommate Daniel Huffman. He assembled this mix for a radio station in Austin if memory serves me correctly. Have a listen. It’s an idiosyncratic collage of the musical currents flowing around DFW at the moment.

    I’m sitting on my friend’s couch in the Paris suburbs. I just spent a month in Mali. It was the most rewarding and difficult trip I have ever taken.

    Musically, Mali was completely overwhelming. I’m so eager to write about all I heard. I hope I can do justice to the richness and variety of the musical culture there. Maybe I should simply start by saying that music is omnipresent in Mali. Whether it be radios or mp3s from the little speakers on people’s phones, there is a constant flow of sound everywhere you go. There is an emphasis on Malian music, but one also hears a decent amount of reggae and current American R&B. One of the things that surprised me the most about this onslaught of music was how abstract much of the music seemed to be. Most of the music I had heard from Mali before going there had a strong emphasis on melody. That taste for melody is still there, but it is pushed to the precipice constantly. The result of this, at least for me, was hypnotic… dream like, and as you might guess, not particularly easy to write about.

    I had the good fortune to connect with a musician in Mali named Jah Youssouf. His family and friends showed me such kindness. Their generosity really shaped my time there.

    I’m also delighted to report that I was able to record a lot of music by Jah and his wife Bintou. I hope to be able to assemble a proper album from that material to help him put out a CD in the States. I’d like to introduce their music to a wider audience, and provide them with some degree of financial stability since Jah and his family live on very meager means.

    I’ve got two important gigs this month. Very proud to announce I’ve got my record release party for my Lobisomem EP at the Empty Bottle on June 30th! I haven’t played live in a long time. I’m pretty geeked/scared. The Empty Bottle graciously let me curate the evening so I can promise quality jams all night long. Please come out and pick up a copy of my Brightest Solids -EP while you’re at it.

    Bird & Whale Showcase #5
    Tuesday, June 30th

    10:00 Lobisomem
    11:00 L’Orchestre Super Vitesse
    12:00 Baby Allright

    I also have another gig on Tony Sarabia’s Radio M program on Chicago Public Radio on Friday, June 27th. I’m really looking forward to sharing some music I bought and recorded during my travels in Mali. Please tune in.

    Chicago Public Radio
    WBEZ 91.5 – https://www.wbez.org/default.aspx
    9pm Friday, June 27th

    I’m sure I’ll have more to write in the next week or two, but I should sign off for now.

    Daniel Huffman – Lone Star Lullabies:

    1. Chameleon Chamber Group – Liberty Bell (Frogboy Mix)
    2. Musik Von Tone Float – Tonight We Sleep With The Egg Roll King (for Honso & Yokoo)
    3. Diamond Age – Beguilling The Hours
    4. Day Of The Double Agent – Formidable Enemy
    5. Telethon – Embryonic Treatment Lab
    6. Winter Of Our Disco Intent – My Favorite Shirt
    7. Stumptone – Welcome Home
    8. PVC Street Gang – Cutlass
    9. Boom Boom Box – Shivers
    10. Swirve – Metabolize
    11. Matthew and the Arrogant Sea – Purple (Treewave Mix)

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