• New Fumes – Hindu Star (Rain Rain Rain)

  • New FumesDaniel Huffman, aka New Fumes,  has offered up a nice change of scenery for old Bird & Whale.  A twenty six minute original ambient work.  You could probably even say Ambient (with a capital “A”) since it really does seem to reference Brian Eno’s concept in both tone and execution.  It’s always nice to post original work by friends.  Makes me feel less parasitic and falls back to my original purpose for building this site in the first place.

    I am sitting in my subletted kitchen in Williamsburg on a Thursday morning.  I am surrounded by a ridiculous amount of musical gear as I’ve temporarily converted my kitchen into my sound studio as this is the only room that has a decent table and I left all my furniture in Chicago.  I’m listening to the new Jim O’Rourke album.  It’s chilly outside and a little cloudy.  I should get up and close the window, but it’s not so cold that I’m actually uncomfortable.  I can see the Empire State building out of my window.  I need a job.  I went to Rockaway Beach on Saturday.  It was pretty rad.  I am going to Japan in a couple weeks for my dear friend Rai’s wedding.  I’m looking forward to this immensely.  I want to make some coffee, but I know that I shouldn’t because the caffeine will lift me up and then drop me, hard. I have lost weight.  Thinking about going to see Mucca Pazza on Saturday.  Life is pretty saturated at the moment.  That’s a good thing.

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