• Lobisomem – Dhegiha Group

  • I made a video in celebration of the release of my Lobisomem Brightest Solids – EP. It will be released on Tall Corn Music on February 23rd, 2010.
    The name of the track is “Dhegiha Group”.
    I made the video by stringing together 2,513 photographs I took with my digital camera. The video was shot in one continuous take.

    I was gonna post the HD flash video directly on Bird & Whale, but it was buggin’ out. If you wanna download or watch a super high quality version, you can grab it here. It’s a 116 MB M4V file. If you don’t know what a M4V file is or you have a slow internet connection, I’d suggest clicking the play button the Vimeo screen below and watch it there.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Lobisomem – Dhegiha Group from Brad Loving on Vimeo.


    Loved it. Was a strange mix of emotions – dreamy but anxious.

    love the colors and the feel. Great stuff.

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