• Lil Hermano – All Up in Your Frame

  • Ok, let’s do this. First things first. Rich Hush has put together another doozy of a mix under the handle Lil Hermano. I love it when a mix is able to cover so much musical terrain and make it seem so effortless. I think the trick is there’s got to be a congruency that the listener can follow. It could be a thread of melody, a rhythm, a lyric, or a host of other things, but if done well it can make all the difference. Makes me feel like there’s purpose in this existence of ours. I should also mention that this mix makes me pretty damn happy which is really just about all you can ask for.

    Next up, I’m delighted to report that I got a write up about my forthcoming Lobisomem release, Brightest Solids – EP, on XLR8R.com. I’m a huge fan of that website/magazine so it’s rad that they gave the EP a little shout out. Please take a listen to track, vote for it, and pick up the EP.

    I posted a new video. It’s for my track “Dhegiha Group” which is also on the Brightest Solids – EP. Check it!

    Ok, that covers the big stuff.

    Lil Hermano – All Up in Your Frame:

    Van Dyke Parks – Occapella
    The Ethiopians – Engine 54
    Jay Dilla – The Red (instrumental)
    Byetone – Plastic Star
    Karen Dalton – Everytime I Think of Freedom
    Michael Hurley – Sweedeedee
    Dock Boggs – Cuba
    Zito Righi e Seu Conjunto – Bye Bye
    The Beatles – You Know My Name
    João Donato – Terremoto
    Bill Wells Trio – Bad Plumbing
    Thes One – Hidden Gem
    East of Underground – Smiling Faces Sometimes
    Phyllis Dillon – Make Me Yours
    Dobby Dobson – Loving Pauper
    Jóhann Jóhannsson – Virðulegu Forsetar – Part 1

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