• Lobisomem – Brightest Solids Release

  • Hey friends. Excited to announce that the Lobisomem EP that I recorded is getting released this Tuesday, February 23, 2010 on Tall Corn Music. There’s been a little bit of rigmarole getting it out into the world as there often is with this sort of thing, but please pick up a copy for you and your loved ones. I know that a healthy majority of those of you who are reading this already have a copy of my EP, but please consider spreading the word to friends and foes. It would really help me afford my rent if some folks purchased this bad boy.

    You can download one of the tracks from XLR8R:

    And also hear another song here.

    You can pick it up (Vinyl or CD) directly from Tall Corn via mail order here:

    or you can get it digitally from iTunes from here:

    or Amazon here:

    I’ll update this page as it starts to get into record stores and various other digital stores.

    If by some miracle of God you are a record store owner and are interested in carrying the Brightest Solids – EP, please get in touch with gmkenny@tallcornmusic.com.


    Great news! I will buy a copy this week. I’ve been looking forward to it.

    simply lovely mate. diggin’ it. Will pick it up, and mix it up.

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