• Warm Ghost – A Straight Path Pleasantly Arced & Glasssun

  • Finally getting a second to write some words.  I’ve missed writing here. I’m sufficiently caffeinated & fed. No place I need to be for the next few hours.  Nice to take a second to focus on language and music.  Maybe a good place to start is to write a little bit about Paul: Got two mixes for you guys by Mister Paul Duncan. Posting them in celebration of the dawning of his new band Warm Ghost.

    Warm Ghost has its debut release, Claws Overhead EP,  coming out on Geographic North on May 11th.  Warm Ghost explores electronic territory which is a departure of sorts for Paul.  There’s a real freshness about it.  I’m sure my listening experience is influenced by speaking to Paul quite a bit about his music since I moved to Brooklyn, but it feels like he made some very conscious decisions about breaking from previous musical routines. It’s a nice sensation. You can hear the musical calculations, but it doesn’t feel contrived.  Just the opposite in fact: genuine and inspired.
    His mixes are great as well. They have a little bit of an alien sheen to them. Hard to know whether you’re in the fishbowl looking out or vice-versa.

    Warm Ghost is performing at Record Release Party at Zebulon on May 16.  It’ll be cool to see how this music manifest on stage. I’m gonna DJ a little bit too.  Should be a nice night of music.

    Things have been so saturated here.  It’s insane.  Every step feels new which is both exciting and debilitating.  It’s a little bit of a cliche, but it’s difficult to step back far enough to get any perspective on what’s going on around me because things seem to be rushing forward at such a rapid rate.   On one hand, I continue to meet a lot of really cool/fascinating people and consequently see a lot of cool/fascinating shit. On the other, I’m really having a pretty difficult time making ends meet financially.   I’d like to figure out a way to turn my music obsessions into some coin.  God, I chose the wrong era to try and do that.  If anybody reading this has some suggestions how to combine music/technology/cultural studies into a living wage in NYC — please fill me in.

    I’m putting the finishing touches on a new Bird & Whale mix of my own, so I’ll be posting that soon as well.  Excited about it. I’m hoping to bounce it around to a bunch of bars and get some more DJ gigs out of it.

    I’m really eager to go ahead and post these mixes for a variety of reasons so I think I’ll truncate this a little bit.  Hope this finds you well and you enjoy the tunes.

    Warm Ghost – A Straight Path Pleasantly Arced

    Jon Hyde – Osprey
    Chrisma – Rush ’79
    Solid Space – Tenth Planet
    Aloa – Weisser Wal
    Das Ding – Reassurance Ritual
    Autechre – Laughing Quarter
    Carl Craig – Landcrusing
    Kraftwerk – Endless Endless
    Tones On Tail – Lions
    2+2=5 – Slow 4
    Sudeten Creche – Are Kisses Out Of Fashion?
    23 Skidoo – Ethics
    Jon Hyde  – 19 Heron
    Autechre – Are Y Are We
    Partly Cloudy – Nice Time

    Warm Ghost – Glasssun

    A Mouse Orchestra – A Lump In Your Throat Pt. 2
    Arms of Someone New – Left to Right
    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – 2nd thought
    AFX – I’m Self Employed
    Giorgio Moroder – Good Old Germany
    One Gang Logic – The Stand
    Chris Clark – A Laugh With Hills
    Astrobotnia – Hallo
    The Magnetic Fields – Crowd Of Drifters
    AFX – Home Made Polysynth
    Suicide – Dream Baby Dream
    Gary Wilson – When You Walk Into My Dreams
    Dam Funk – Silver
    Arms of Someone New – St. Catherine
    Wire – Ahead (Alternate Version)

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