• Brad Loving – Bird & Whale 006

  • So much to write. Let’s get started.
    Glad to get another mix of my own up here. Tried put together something unique. I think it turned out nice. It’s maybe a little more up-tempo than some of my other mixes. I think I’ve been influenced by my DJ gigs at Zebulon and that push to get/keep people dancing. It was fun to try and incorporate some of those tracks with a headphone sensibility.

    I included a track from my forthcoming Lobisomem LP, Onze Pedras, on the mix. Have a listen and please let me know what you think. I’m geeked about that LP. I’ve been listening to it on the train a lot. I think that’s my favorite context. It’s going to be coming out some time this summer. A bunch of really good people were involved in making the music come together. I think you’ll be into it.

    Speaking of Lobisomem and summer, I’m going to be playing some shows opening up for Bear in Heaven next month! How cool is that? If you know some people in the following towns, please send them our way. Big shout to out to Peter at Panash and Shannin at Billions for helping to bring that together.

    June 24 – Portland, Maine @ Space
    June 25 – Winooski, Vermont @ Monkey House
    June 26 – Buffalo, New York @ Sound Lab
    June 27 – Hamden, Connecticut @ The Space

    I’ve been working intensely on the recordings I made of my dear friends Jah Youssouf & Bintou Coulibaly last May in Mali. I’m really proud of the recordings. It’s such a wonderful sensation to listen back to the music. I feel very lucky to be able to tap back into that state of mind. It almost feels like a different life. I have my fingers crossed that the music will speak to others as well, and a label will pick it up. If you know of anyone who releases traditional African music and might like to help me put the music out, please get in touch.

    I have two DJ gigs at Zebulon on the horizon. One on the 16th of May in support of Warm Ghost. I’m doing a short early slot for that one (I think I’ll get started around 9pm). Then again on the 21st of May in support of the French group, Dièse 3. I’ll be doing my normal long late night slot for that one. Probably get started around midnight and go till 3 or 4. Please come through.

    I forgot to mention this previously, but I wanted to give a nod to Dominic Umile for his nice review of my EP on Pop Matters. I was kinda bummed/surprised to see how many journalists just copied and pasted the one-sheet information that we sent out with EP press kit. I felt like Dominic really spent some time with the music and took some time to look into stuff — even browsed around on old Bird & Whale. Just wanted to say thanks.

    If, for whatever reason, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in the Gulf Coast with the oil nightmare please do so. It’s such an atrocity on so many levels. Each new thing I read feels like I’m drinking acid. Makes that ticket I got for my riding my bike on the sidewalk two blocks from my house in Bushwick at 11:30 at night all the more insane.

    Brad Loving – Bird & Whale 006

    1. Nochexxx feat. Sensational – Sinbliss
    2. Pens – Freddie
    3. Sonny Charles – It’s Alright in the City
    4. Etienne Jaumet – Mental Vortex
    5. Marguerita – Woman a Come
    6. Redshape – Globe
    7. Micachu & The Shapes – Turn Me Well
    8. King Stitt And Clancy Eccles – Fire Corner
    9. Robert Loison – Jean Fouillé, Pie Fouillé
    10. ONRA – Smoking Buddha
    11. James Brown – There was a Time
    12. Os Brazões – Tão Longe De Mim
    13. Lobisomem – Zinc
    14. Lucho Bermúdez – Gaita De Las Flores
    15. Os Originais Do Samba – Tenha Fe Pois Amanha Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer
    16. Disrupt – Doobee Version
    17. Eduardo Mateo – Amigo Lindo del Alma
    18. Teebs – Untitled
    19. Masai Women (Kenya) – Masai Women (Kenya)
    20. Ahmed Janka Nabay – Top Sul Bah
    21. Actress – Hubble
    22. Techniques – It’s you I love
    23. Acetone – So slow


    congrats on the b in h gig! record some of it, christ!

    thanks mark. good idea to record it.

    This sounds so great…it’s such a sweet mix of groove and dance and African voice and rhythm…it was a great listen today!!! thanks!!

    Great mix, you had me dancing in my chair.

    B-rad congrats on the gigs with BIH! What’s this about a ticket on the sidewalk?? The men in blue don’t think it’s a sideride huh? Downloading the mix now.. Thanks!

    oh snap is that an Acetone tune wrapping it up? Old school!

    Hey man congrats!! I’m in new York cooking at the James beard house. Email me your number

    sweetness my man. congrats on the gig — if you work one near beantown, holla.

    Sorry about your bike ticket. We are living in crazy times!! Thanks for the amazing mix. Where would we be without good music?

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