• Jaytram – Hanging on to Summer Mix 2010

  • Hey all. Happy New Year!

    Got a mix for you from Jaytram. It’s got some feel good jams, a little bit of funk, and some southern sunshine. Jaytram made this mix quite a few months ago, but got it to me recently because he’s been on the road. Good to get a little refrain of summer as New York is piled up with snow.
    Glad to get some new music up here too. It’s been too long. Hopefully I can post mixes a little more frequently in the next few months. Seems like a lot folks have a mix or two in the works.

    I’d like to get some thoughts down. It’s been a contemplative time for me with the turn of the clock, celestial bodies, and my continued exploration of NYC. I guess the big thing on my mind is trying to find a balance between artistic ambitions and paying rent — quite literally. It’s an old struggle. Not sure what I could say that might enlighten. I wrestle with the idea that perhaps if I really devoted myself to making music, or making art of one sort or another, maybe it would all somehow work out. Maybe that is what’s most important. All others concerns subordinate, for I am the only one who can make this song, these paintings, that photograph. Perhaps I could create something magnificent. Or perhaps that just means that I will eat shit and be dependent on those around me for the most basic of needs for the foreseeable future. There’s so much stress involved with that path. I am an adult by all measures that count, and yet I can’t seem to take care of myself – much less anyone else.

    And fuck, then there’s just a question of productivity. Sometimes I watch a lot of Fringe and Dexter. Sometimes I nap. Sometimes I’m lazy. Sometimes I’m blank. I should create instead.
    And don’t even get me started on geography. God knows I could just get my ass on a plane and teach English in some tropical country with coffee skinned women.

    Jaytram posted this on Facebook this morning. It’s good.

    Alright, let’s get on with this day. Enjoy the tunes. Spread the word.

    Hanging on to Summer Mix 2010

    Aphroditie’s Child – Babylon
    Headstone – Love you to
    Mosco Tiles Foncalire Steel Orchestra – Black man’s cry
    The Lijadu Sisters – Life’s gone down low
    Cool runnings – When i got High With You
    Pete Drake – Forever
    Steve Miller Band – The Beauty Of Time Is That It’s Snowing
    via Andy Votel Cock Diesel Mix tape – Unknown
    The Modern Lovers – Someone I Care About
    The Troggs – 66 5 4 3 2 1
    The Funkees – Breakthrough
    Eddie Kendricks – If You Let Me
    Funkadelic – Can you get to that
    Yodelin Kenny Roberts – Sweet Little Cherokee
    Dillard and Clark – Don’t let me down
    The Flying Burrito Bros – Dark end of the street
    Todd Rundgren – Izzat Love
    Bruce Springsteen – Sprit in the night
    P-Funk All Stars – Hydraulic Pump
    Darwin’s Theory – Funky Sounds
    Tones On Tail – Lions


    thanks for the mix. gonna jam it out at my brunch today.

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