• Pete Croke – Pathetic Nervous System

  • This mix has been a long time coming. Pete and I got in touch three years ago, at first through last.fm, then email, then facebook, and finally real life.
    Pete asked me if he could contribute a mix at some point and I said “hell ya”. I’d get the occasional follow up every few months. “I’m still working on that mix…”
    So yeah, this feels good. The internet is cool sometimes.

    Pete has a great band called Reds and Blue. Check em out. https://www.redsandblue.com/

    Pete Croke – Pathetic Nervous System

    Pandit Jasraj – Gayatri Invocation
    Elm – Covered In Blankets And Moss
    Floor – Sneech
    The Vertebrates – Skeleton Achievement
    Phil Cohran – Creation of the Beast
    Blue Cheer – Babylon
    Unwound – December
    African Head Charge – Off the Beaten Track
    Regulator Watts – False Idols
    Baba L’Rouami – Gnawa Musicians of Marrakesh
    Dr. Alimantado – Plead I Cause
    Lungfish – Hallucinatorium
    King Crimson- THRAK
    Helen Money – You Are Beautiful
    Grouper – Heavy Water (I’d Rather Be Sleeping)
    Goblin – Dr. Frankenstein
    Harvey Milk – *
    Zoroaster – Trident
    Swans – You Fucking People Make Me Sick

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