• Joe Phillips – Wigging in the Crates

  • A nice collection of songs from the vinyl library of Mr. Joe Phillips. A little introspective, a little tender, and all good. That fucking Kurt Vile song. Goddamn it. SO GOOD.

    Joe’s also been making some solo jams under the name Joe Andrew. You can/should check those out for free for the next week or so here:

    It doesn’t matter when I pick up the story. I could start a week ago or ten minutes ago and it would be equally intense and beautiful. Earthquake, hurricane, riots, Rhythm 55B, Zoo Kid, shattered phone, Dustin Wong, Louis CK, Makers Mark, Nova Scotia, Matilda, Fort Tilden, Wade, Graham, and fuck that list seemingly could go on forever. So many moments piled on top of one another. It’s still so grey out. But at least I slept last night despite the winds. There’s a lot to be said for sleep. And hell, that’s not even getting into all these beautiful women that brush by. Say what you will about New York City, but the women. There’s no argument there.

    Joe Phillips – Wigging in the Crates
    Elvis Costello – Beyond Belief // Columbia
    Kurt Vile – Baby’s Arms // Matador
    Tyrannosaurus Rex – Organ Blues // Blue Thumb
    Rock Falls – Tonight Tonight // Cardboard Sangria
    Brokeback – Returns to Orange Grove // Thrill Jockey
    Judson Claiborne – Once I Was 
    Acetone – Another Minute // Vapor
    Vashti Bunyan – Glow Worms // Dicristina
    Alice Coltrane – Prema // Warner Bros
    Fred McDowell – Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning // Mississippi
    Chico Hamilton – Uyawda // Crown
    Mose Allison – Meet Me At No Special Place // Atlantic
    Treasure Dub – Toughest // Treasure Isle

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