• Antonio Carella – West African Mix

  • I’d like to share the story of how Antonio and I met. I was DJing at Rodan about three years ago and was playing a track called Massane Cisse by Quintette Guineenne from a compilation called Musique Sans Parole which I had snagged from Sea Never Dry. Antonio walks up, mentions he loves this track and not only knows the name of the track, band, and album but then proceeds to go into a little bit of history of West African music. Now, as a DJ who plays a lot of obscure international music I can tell you this never ever happens; complete stranger walks up and starts chatting your ear off about a Guinean group that released roughly zero albums. Not that I’m bitter, but the usual conversation is more like “um, do you have anything… um… better?” Needless to say, Antonio and I became friends.

    I should have asked Antonio to write up a little treatise on the music represented here, but it’s already been a while since he gave me this mix to me so I’ll go ahead and post it. Maybe he can write a supplemental addendum at his leisure. But yeah, this is a mix of West African jams. Antonio could tell you about the Cuban influences and the political terrain of the period in which this music was made. I unfortunately cannot.

    Antonio lives in Chicago and plays in some great bands. L’Orchestre Super Vitesse & Occidental Brothers. You should check them out. They both focus on West African tunes as well.

    Speaking of African music, I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug a couple of nice DJ gigs I have on the horizon. One on September 28th with Sahel Sounds at Northeast Kingdom and another on October 2 with Awesome Tapes from Africa and Sahel Sounds at Tandem. I haven’t DJ’d at either of these joints before so it’d be rad if you could come out and support. The music should really be outta sight.

    West African Mix by Antonio Carella

    1. Sory Kandia Kouyaté – Toubaka // Kouyaté Sory Kandia
    2. Kouyate Sory & son ensemble – Coule Coule // Son & Rythme d’Afrique (Sacodis LS 1-77)
    3. Balla et ses Balladins – Kaira // The Syliphone Years
    4. Pivi Et Les Balladins – Keba Mirima // Pivi Et Les Balladins (SLP 31)
    5. Super Boiro Band – Gumbe // En Super Forme (Syliphone SLP 58)
    6. Keletigui Et Ses Tambourinis – Cigarettes allumettes // The Syliphone Years
    7. Orchestre Volta Jazz – Sankoura // Disques France-Afrique L.G.V.D. 1.102
    8. Amadou Balake – Whiskey et Coca-Cola // Afro-Charanga (Zamidou Prod. 1582)
    9. Les Messagers du Mali – Sou // cass. KS 342 – orig. LP Musique Mondiale MAD 0011
    10. Virtuose Diabate – Sankaranka // Discothèque 71 (SLP 35)
    11. Super Rail Band International – Deniyeleba // Affair Social (Sacodis LS-25)
    12. Rail-Band – Tidiani Kone //Regard sur le Passé à travers le Présent (Mali Music Mali 1001)

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