• Butchy Boy – New Ears Rev.

  • Happy New Year. Happy MLK day.

    New New yEars mix by Butchy Boy for our ears. Treating me right.

    I haven’t been posting much on Bird & Whale lately. I’m a little sad about it. I need to shake it up a little bit or change the focus. Food for thought.

    Some nice things going on around these parts. The most pressing of which is that my remix record of the material from Onze Pedras is coming out next week! I’m really proud of how it turned out. Such a gifted assortment of musicians. Ben Vida, Epstein, M.Takara, New Fumes, Dan Bitney, Totem Test, The Eternals, Bundy K. Brown, Diamond Age, Clive Tanaka, DJ /rupture & Chief Boima. I think the collection actually works really well as an album too, as opposed to just a collection of singles. Please pick it up.

    The other exciting thing I’ve got going on is I’m playing a show with my new project Omar Lords at Zebulon on Feb. 12th. Please throw that on your calendar. I’m really excited about this music. It’s a collaboration with Kosta Stratigos and myself. It marks a pretty big departure from my Lobisomem stuff in terms of tone and execution. It’s very much built around the idea of live shows. It’s going to be nice to share it with folks.

    In an effort to try and keep Bird & Whale a little more nimble, I’m gonna go shut up and post this. Hope 2012 is a good one.

    Butchy Boy – New Ears Rev.
    The Qualities – Happy New Year to You!
    Ronnie & Robyn – Sidra’s Theme
    Effisio Melis – Fiorassio
    Allen Ginsberg – Come Back Christmas
    Thelonious Monk – Crazy Pants
    Hank Jacobs – Elijah Rockin with Soul
    Robert Petway – Catfish Blues
    Ñande Reko Arandu – Gwyrá Mi
    The Sparkers – Dip It Up
    Arvo Pärt – Spiegel im Spiegel
    The Faces – Glad and Sorry
    Master Vyas – Jala-Tarang
    The Profiles – Take a Giant Step
    The Butlers – She Tried to Kiss Me
    The Insect Trust – Glade Song
    Bulasio Araya & The Abanyabyata Royal Horn Band – Rwakanembe
    King Horror – Loch Ness Monster
    The Rolling Stones – Revolutions
    Tommy McCook & Bobby Ellis – Psalms 9 to Keep in Mind
    Charles Mingus – Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
    Jimmy Giuffre Trio – The Train and the River
    Lenny Bruce – let me hear it again
    Arvo Pärt – Spiegel im Spiegel
    C.O.B. – Spirit of Love
    Lenny Bruce – you sure can talk some shit buddy


    i love this mix first heard part of it on 99.9 bayfm=bayfm.org @ drive time,diemar was the dj.i have played it on my programme,’Roots andKulJAH’ 6-8pm e.s.t. sundays.bless

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