• Bundini Brown – Summer Series III

  • Alright, alright, alright… this is a big deal. Ken’s third installment of his Summer Series is a cross section of all that he has been involved with over the years as a musician, producer, engineer, and remixer.
    I gotta say as a huge fan, it’s a awe inspiring collection. This music shaped me profoundly, both in terms of my musical pursuits but also my life pursuits. Safe to say that I probably wouldn’t have moved to Chicago fourteen years ago if this music wasn’t pulling me there.

    So yeah, I guess that’s the best introduction I can give. Have a good listen.

    The Young Person’s Guide to Bundy K Brown

    Seam – Sweet Pea
    Come – Bitten
    Bastro – Sleepy Taste
    Bastro & Codeine – Produkt
    Tortoise – Cliff Dweller Society
    Tortoise – Why We Fight
    Califone – Apple
    HIM – Sworn Eyes
    Rob Mazurek – The Shaping Light
    Pullman – Three In The Morning
    Rex – Audrey La’ Mort
    Pullman – Felucca
    Loftus – When The Electricity Goes Out In The Submarine
    Tortoise – Tin Cans & Twine
    Gastr Del Sol – Eye Street
    Gastr del Sol – 20 Songs Less
    Pullman – Around The Way(Diptych In Open D)
    Seam – Shame
    Directions In Music – Untitled
    Slow Poke – Mr. Onion #2
    Pullman – To Hold Down a Shadow
    Tortoise – Gamera
    Directions In Music – Untitled
    Nobukazu Takemura – Souvenir in Chicago
    Pullman – Or Otherwise
    Bundini Brown – All World Cowboy Romance
    Pullman – A Toothpick Will Do Me Fine Right Now, Thank You

    A Remix Compendium of Bundy K Brown

    Directions – Echoes (continental drift version)
    Tortoise – Find The One
    Rome – Beware Soul Snatchers (Hiss & Stammer version)
    Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater (rmx)
    The Sea And Cake – The Cheech Wizard Meets Baby Ultraman In The Cool Blue Cave (Short Stories About Birds, Trees And The Sports Life Wherever You Are)
    Coldcut – Timber [The Cheech Wizard’s Polythump Requiem For The Ancient Forests Mix]
    The Dylan Group – Sandcastles (And To Her Legs She Smiled)
    Pelé – Testosterina Remix
    Aerial M – Attention Span Deficit Disorder Disruption A Journey Wherein The Cheech Wizard Seeks The Gateway Out Of The World Of Red Dust And Learns That Running Between The Raindrops Wont Save You From The Chocolate Thunder
    Calexico – Dia de Los Muertos: Nuestro Hermano El Hechicero Cheech Hace EL Hoochie Coochie Con Los Monstros Gilas Y Los Sapos De Cuernos
    Boat – Kummobanin B to Chojin A: Transparent Cheech Reduction Beta mix
    Sangatsu – Report (Cheech Medium Density Vertical Stasis Arrangement)
    Bosco and Jorge – Studies In Crop Variation, Huckleberry Jorge 2.3.1
    TV Pow – The Law Of Misonymy
    No.9 – Laws of Large Numbers
    Jeff Parker – Sea Change (Vicissitude Version)
    DJ Food – Tricky Little Ears (The Cheech Wizard Pays Homage To All Living Creatures Who Inhabit Dark Places)
    Lobisomem – Oxbow Rmx


    Been enjoying the first 2 of the series. These look super also. Thanks so much for your efforts.

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