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    I have a problem: I get bored easily.  So easily.  I have trouble sitting still for long stretches. Whether it is to sit down to read a book, watch live music, or listen to someone speak publicly, I almost always find myself getting restless.  I don’t like that about myself – it feels like a sign of immaturity not to be able to sit quietly and take something in.


    I released a new album, You are Lovely, a while back under a new alias: You are Lightning. It marks a departure from my Lobisomem project in that all of the tracks were built on synth and drum machine as opposed to a laptop.  It was nice to try and to work with more direct musical vocabulary, but to be honest, the process of working on this EP was a pretty difficult one. I started on this collection of music in February of 2014, and there were countless tracks that I would work on for months that went nowhere.  I was eager to document this “timbre” that lives in my head.  I was also teaching some audio software classes at the time and was keen to try and put some of the lessons I’d learned from that into practice.

    So to pick up that original thought back up, I noticed that the longer I worked on the tracks, the more difficult it was to keep the thing that I was originally excited about alive. How to make something that was simple and direct enough to keep that original spark, but complex enough to keep my interest on repeated listens? Perhaps this is no different from most people’s creative arc, but I really struggled with it.  How does anybody listen to something 50 or 100  times and still feel inspired by it?  Conversely, how does anybody build something that is truly captivating without digging in?

    At the risk of getting too meta about it, I’m also conscious of you, the reader/listener, being like “I could really give a shit.” But yeah, there’s a little voice in my head that wanted to write about this process. Acknowledge it. I guess it comes down to just wanting you to know that I worked long hours on this music; trying to get that damn soundtrack in my head “on paper”. Get a nice groove going. Hope that something special happens and that it is recorded properly. And then yeah, to try and get the vibe right. Sometimes the vibe so damn fleeting.

    I’m really proud of how this music turned out and hope it stands up to repeated listens.  In short, hope it ain’t boring.

    Please download it (for free!) and pass it along.  Thanks!

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