• Brad Loving – Bird & Whale 011


    Hey.  I hope this finds you well. It’s been a while.

    Let’s see, what’s the most pertinent info here? Things are good. I’m still chugging along in NYC.
    This mix feels a little more intense than some of the previous ones. Maybe that’s because we’re living in intense times? There’s probably gonna be some shit on here that you’re like “nah” and hey, that’s ok. Hopefully, there will be a few things that you enjoy.

    One track that I will point you is track 6 on the mix “Lyceum” by Reunion Island. That’s off a record titled “Collapse” that’ll be coming out soon on Tall Corn. It’s a new collaboration with Ashley Cromeens, Matt Leer and myself! We went out to California to record with John McEntire this summer. I’m really happy with how the music turned out. It feels like the most fully realized thing I’ve ever made. Please keep an eye out for it in 2019.

    Anything else? Maybe just a quick side note about music in general. I’ve been feeling pretty optimistic about what music is capable of lately – probably due to the quantity of really killer music that has come my way recently. It’s a nice way tap into something larger within ourselves. That sentiment seems to ebb and flow – sometimes it feels like music can transform the world, other times not so much. But it feels good to write it down and take note of that feeling when you get it. Hope you enjoy the mix.


    Brad Loving – Bird & Whale 011

    1. Pete Brandt’s Method – What You Are
    2. Tirzah – Gladly
    3. Rezzett – Wet Bilge
    4. Sin Falta – Diamonds
    5. Bendik Giske – Adjust (Lotic Remix)
    6. Reunion Island – Lyceum
    7. Ian William Craig – Before Meaning Comes
    8. Mwanta Tok – Deng-deng, Song With Molo Harp Accompaniment
    9. Berhe Raza – Kule
    10. Afro National – Jokenge
    11. Craig Mack – Flava in Ya Ear
    12. Haruomi Hosono – 薔薇と野獣
    13. Kamal Tarbas – Min Ozzalna Seebak Seeb (Forget Those That Divide Us)
    14. Grim Lusk – Search
    15. Dronga – Dronga
    16. SMX – Sleep
    17. Leonardo Martelli – Leggende Metropolitane
    18. Tom Richards – Pink Nothing
    19. Black Lodge – Jamais Vu



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